Local 1382 Executive Board

The Executive Board is made up of Local 1382 members that have been voted into office by the membership.  The E-board helps to keep track of the finances, votes on where donations go to, helps promote volunteer work in the community and helps make decisions for the Local 1382 membership.  The E-board are the members that run the monthly membership meetings and they are made up of a President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, 3 Trustees, Warden, and Conductor.  Below are pictures of the Local 1382 Executive Board Members.

Allen Nelson.jpg
Chris Dorn_edited.jpg

        President Dominic Andrist       Vice President Allen Nelson     Recording Sec. Laura McBroom   Financial Sec. Wayne O'Connell     Conductor Chris Dorn

Adam Summers.png

       Treasurer Peter Jasperson          Warden Rachel Knopps             Trustee Dustin Stenberg          Trustee Adam Summers     Trustee Jason Schwingle