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St. Paul Training Center

740 Olive Street

St. Paul, MN  55130


Phone: 651-646-7337

Fax: 651-646-7395


Office Hours: Monday - Friday 

7:00am - 4:00pm


To qualify for an apprenticeship you must:


  • Be at least 18 years old; have a high school diploma, G.E.D. or high school equivalency diploma.

  • Be sponsored by a union contractor

  • You will have to meet the physical and performance demands of the job, pay and entry fee and purchase basic work clothing and tools for the trade.

Rochester Training Center
6692 10th Ave SW
Rochester, MN  55902
Phone: 507-282-3119
Fax: 507-616-0021
*for all Apprenticeship questions call 651-646-7337*
Office Hours: Monday - Friday  8:00am - 5:00pm

William Kittleson School Complete 12-2-22
Dylan Baker Signing day with RTL
Adam Graner Signign Day_edited
Adam Graner with contractor Knutson
David Hanson III SD student for Mulcahy Nickolaus from St. Charles HS
Madalyn Breza 2
Noah Barry Signing Day
4-4 class November 2019
January 2020 meeting members sworn in
nov2019 meeting 2
Toys for Tots box this year Dec 2019
July Meeting
New member Carter Stenberg
Sheds for Heroes Shed
Appr 4-4 week end 6-28-19
Apprenticeship Week Nov
4-4 class week ending 3-2-18
April 18, 2019 meeting - New Appr.
Oxbow Park Scenic Lookout Build
Oxbow park lookout build
oxbow park overlook buil
New members 10-18-18 at meeting
apprentice initiation to the local
apprentices graduated Jan 2016
Training Center
Training Center
Apprentice working on ICRA room
Apprentices during a framing class
framing class
framing class
framing class
framing class
setting trusses
concrete class
concrete class
NCSRCC training center sign

In Minnesota, apprentices who graduate to journey-level status will receive 47 credits for the instruction they receive during their Regional Council apprenticeship. They will need 19 more credits to complete an Associate in Applied Science degree in Apprenticeship Technology. Thirteen of the credits come from four General Education required classes; the remaining six credits are General Education electives. (Some of the required classes have prerequisites.)

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